image Infants

At Creative Kids we welcome infants to come discover the world around them in our classroom designed to promote exploring in a safe and loving environment. Our infant room has a... more >>

image Young Toddlers

At Creative Kids our Young Toddler Room is full of action! Children are crawling or walking around trying to explore anything they can get their hands on. Our ... more >>

image Older Toddlers

In our Older Toddler Room your children are busy learning all about their world! Our teachers engage our young friends in fun learning all day long. This classroom... more >>

image Pre-School

Welcome to Pre-School! This class is full of wonderful children who are learning to write their name, write the alphabet, read exciting stories, and become ... more >>

image Pre-Kindergarten

This class has its own special place, and level, in our facility. Located in our Lower Level, our Pre-Kindergarten room is jam packed with fun and adventure!... more >>

image Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten Program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a Private Academy. We follow the same curriculum as the... more >>

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